We're here to assist in the relocation of your boat by sea!


The 11 vital steps for a safe and timely delivery of your boat!

  1. Make contact with us and we will provide you with a quote and solutions to have your boat relocated.

  2. Please see our Rate Guide below, as there is no fixed pricing for deliveries.

  3. Make an agreement on terms of service to be provided, contact your insurance company and discuss the cover for TYD to deliver.

  4. Skipper and/or crew will travel to your vessel. Approx 3-2days prior.

  5. If required Top Yacht Delivery can help with the preparation of the vessel for sea. (See our Independent Services Below)

  6. A vessel inspection is conducted, minor repairs done, specialist services managed if required.

  7. The skipper and crew familiarize themselves with the vessel’s systems, load provisions, check weather conditions and depart.

  8. During the yacht delivery, the skipper and crew will monitor the vessel’s systems and perform maintenance as required for safe operation.

  9. We provide regular communication about the vessel’s location and via marine tracker, and contact you twice a day at your preferred time.

  10. When arrived at its destination a thorough valet will be conducted.

  11. A full yacht report will be prepared and sent to you, unless you able to greet us on arrival or soon after and we will debrief.



Yacht Delivery


At Top Yacht Delivery, we take time to work with our clients to make sure we understand their expectations and requirements.

Our aim is to make every delivery as straightforward with clear pricing information and to ensure that every delivery detail is carried out professionally. When you contact Top Yacht Delivery, we will forward a quotation.

We provide a firm price and an estimate on expenses such as airfares, fuel, etc.. and dates we can start your relocation.

Providing you with more options, a combination of Skipper and Crew or Skipper or Crew allows you to select the best solution for the relocation of your boat that suits your budget as well.

Another good point is you will be dealing directly with the director and your skipper from start to finish, guarantees you that the skipper will act respectfully, trustworthy, reliable and professional.

Under no circumstances do we sub-contract our works.

Sailing 24/7 when weather conditions are suitable and with your boat in the safe hands of your skipper serves to ensuring your boat will arrive in a better condition than when it left the departure port.

See your skippers profile here.


Purchasing a boat? We can help deliver your boat.

If you have just purchased a new boat?

It can be daunting making that first passage

if it's your first boat and first time, that's we're our broad experience can assist in getting your new boat home. All services as per a standard delivery are applied.

We not only ensure we can deliver safely, efficiently and reliably, but we can give you some vital tuition on arrival of your new boat at its new home. Sailing tuition is available for a day fee of $240

Rates Guide

Top Yacht Deliveries provide rates as per 24 hour day blocks, No deliveries are ever the same, factors such as boat speed play a large part, an example a large motor cruiser takes 4.5 days to compete from Carins to Southport, whereas a yacht could take up to 10 days to complete. We endeavour to be as accurate in our quoting as our experience will allow.

For days where Held Over fee applies for weather and/or repairs etc, the skipper and crew move their roles over to Care Taker of the boat. The quoted day rate will be Halved for the duration, in harbour.

All deliveries have there own individual expenses which vary, fuel, marina fees, repairs, travel, Slip yard fees, (if applicable) etc..please allow for these expenses, we will give you a guided estimate based on past deliveries and we will do our best to mitigate these expenses.

A comprehensive check of all items on board prior to delivery is performed, ensuring we have a through understanding of your vessels systems prior to departure.

Items found that will ultimately affect the delivery will need to be rectified prior to our departure, please see our Independent Services.

Fuels. Gas. need to be completed prior to our arrival at your boat, to facilitate time saving for our departure.

Specialist services engine mechanics, electricians and/or riggers etc.. we will manage these services on behalf of, though its hopeful that any issues are mitigated prior to our arrival at your boat. Please see our Independent Services.

We take care of provisioning as requested.

A guide to our rates are as follows:

Inshore & Coastal Deliveries As Skipper @ $350 per day ( 1 x person 24hr @ $14.58p/hr Skipper)


Inshore & Coastal Deliveries As Crew @ $240 per day ( 1 x person 24hr @ $10p/hr Crew)


Inshore & Coastal Deliveries where Skipper & Crew Services @ $590 per day. (2 x persons 24hr @ $24.58p/hr)

Delivery Hold Overs: (Care Taker) charged at 1/2 the quoted daily rate. (Weather, Repairs, Crew exchange etc).

​Other Deliveries are by Negotiations.

Sailing tuition additional $240 per day (on delivery and post delivery).

Independent Services

Extra Services: $240 per day (Or $32p/hr) Management Services.

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