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Top Yacht Deliveries (TYD) is pleased to offer 5 suites of services.





























Service 2


Yacht owners and crew often seek professional help to increase the level of comfort and confidence with their yacht. Whether they are taking an existing yacht to new waters or have just taken delivery of a new yacht or build. 

Top Yacht Deliveries will provide an experienced, Qualified Sailing Instructor/Skipper, to provide education and instructing onboard, as per your requests  at no extra charge.

It allows for you to customise the delivery by including some overnight stops in anchorages or ports (marinas) along the way.



Service 3


For an owner who wants to be onboard but who desires professionals with extensive experience, Top Yacht Delivery can supplement the crew with a qualified skipper.

It allows for you to customise the deliver by including stop overs at night in anchorages or ports (marinas) along the way. Particularly if you're not in to sailing at night.

On this delivery we have you in charge and support you in the decision making process and assist you with stepping up to skipper when you're ready for a break!

This is extremely beneficial for an owner taking a delivery of a new yacht and who is looking to learn more about sailing the boat in relaxed mode, knowing an experienced pair of hands are at the ready.

Along the way we can go through sail setting and handling, docking techniques, general sailing navigation, gather knowledge of a new yacht or catamaran.

Or is suitable for those needing a little refresher along the way with their new/existing yacht or catamaran.

In addition, is an excellent opportunity to help assist the owner's regular crew on the intricacies of a new yacht.

The Owner Supported Yacht Delivery is a perfect opportunity to help learn in comfort and to assist increasing your confidence level with it.

All at your own pace and satisfaction!


Whether you are a yacht owner, a yacht broker, dealer, or builder,Top Yacht Delivery will deliver your yacht to its destination efficiently, reliably and safely. 

This service is suitable for owners that simply wish to have a crew on board with well founded experience and knowledge, can be supplemented with your own crew. The TYD crew will still perform all the extra's as listed below:

  • Consult - discussion of your wishes and expectations of the yacht delivery with TYD

  • Proposal and quotation - Done by TYD

  • Preparation - systems familiarization, safety brief, navigation responsibilities

  • Planning - timing and route, departure

  • Complete yacht cleaning

  • Assist the owner and crew generally

Any of the above services can be customised to suit your requirements! (Excluding Crew Supply service)

Our aim is to keep the process as simple and as short as possible. We like to be transparent with the pricing and with the details so you have no surprises at the completion of the delivery.

Whether you are a yacht owner, a yacht broker, dealer, or builder, Top Yacht Deliveries will deliver your yacht to its destination efficiently, reliably and safely.

This delivery service is suitable for the owner's that simply need a skipper/crew to take their vessel home or to their chosen cruising grounds or regatta and return, we provide a skipper and crew as requested, or alternatively you may supply your own crew.

All delivery services include the following: (Excluding crew supply delivery)

  1. Consult - discussion of your wishes and expectations of the yacht delivery

  2. Proposal and quotation

  3. Accepted: payment secures dates and transportation for the skipper/crew to the vessel's location

  4. Yacht Delivery: skipper and/or crew travel/arrive at vessel and complete a pre-delivery prep

  5. Preparation: - systems check, safety, navigation, victualing and spare parts inventory etc..

  6. Planning - passage timing and route, departure time

  7. Yacht departure: Delivery with professional qualified skipper and/or TYD crew

  8. Yacht arrival: Complete yacht cleaning internal/external and comprehensive post-delivery report 

  9. Skipper/Crew transportation back to their respected bases.

  10. Final invoice forwarded, including any out of pocket pre-authorized expenses incurred on delivery by TYD

  1. Fully skippered delivery with a qualified skipper & TYD crew provided or supported by owners crew, power & sail

  2. *Owner Assisted delivery with onboard yacht instruction, power & sail

  3. *Owner supported yacht deliveries when the owner is looking for support from professionals with extensive experience,  power & sail

  4. Crewed deliveries from TYD with licensed professionals, power & sail

  5. Race boat delivery, with fully qualified skipper and crew or with owner's crew (Please contact to discuss)

Note: *Owner Assisted and *Owner Supported deliveries are available to be customized to suit your requests, such as stopping off at anchorages or ports at your leisure the choice is yours!

TYD only charge the nautical mile rate based on distance from A-B, not a day rate..


In all cases a TYD Proposal will include important Yacht Delivery Features  for the owner.

Service 1

Fully Skippered and Crewed

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