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  1. We have the Experience that counts for everything, Mark is an accomplished sailor in all boats.

  2. We are Offshore Yacht Master, Cruising Instructor, AMSA Exemption 18 commercial endorsed.

  3. We, keep all our qualification up to date in the latest vessel passage management.

  4. We prep your boat for you to suit the intended passage, safety of your yacht or catamaran is our utmost priority.

  5. We believe in the prevention is better than the cure rule! we dedicate as much time as needed to prepare for the passage.

  6. We only choose our crew because Mark has previously been to sea with them and has built a total trust with their ability.

  7. We only engage crew who are comprehensively vetted for knowledge of navigation (coastal and some celestial).

  8. We monitor the conditions and forecasts, constantly monitoring the weather patterns, to ensure a safe delivery.

  9. We do our Navigation planning, the assurance we give you by ensuring your boat is on a safe projected course.

  10. We keep a monitoring watch whilst onboard, log booking all details, navigation, engines, generators...

  11. We have a On board tracker, for safety and for your peace of mind.

  12. We have mechanical knowledge built up over decades of being involved in boats and the marine industry.

  13. We have always been able to fix or jury rig a temporary solution, if something should stop working

  14. We choose anchorages over marinas to save you money.

  15. We instruct our skipper and crew to act professionally at all times, we have contractual agreements with them.

  16.  We have a zero tolerance placed on our crew, no alcohol or other whilst engaged with TYD, no exceptions.

  17. We are continuously conscious of the best possible seamanship practices, recognising our responsibility for the skipper, crew and your possessions.

  18.  We genuinely respect for your asset, treating the boat with the utmost care, whilst achieving the gold of delivering her in good shape.

  19. We communicate 24/7, to settle your nerves, we make contact with you at least twice a day whilst at sea.

  20. We reduce our fuel burn (consumption) with both sail and power boats by the RPM being kept lower and maintaining average speeds.

  21. We do not sub-contract our services, dealing directly with the business director from start to finish!

  22. We are reliable, honest and safe!

  23. We stick to our agreed quoted price, no extra charges.

  24. We guarantee the skipper and crew will ensure the delivery of your vessel finished!

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