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Vessel delivery & training

  • If you are in need of your vessel delivered. Simply contact us.

  • We offer deliveries from any location and deliver to most locations (with exceptions).

  • Top Yacht Delivery offers a range of combinations to suit your particular situation:

  • Skipper and crew provided by TYD

  • Skipper provided by TYD and owner

  • Skipper provided with Owners crew provided

  • Owner tuition whilst on delivery, you sail we teach!

  • Custom Delivery options available


  • New to the boating game? We offer a training service to help ease the tensions, docking and un-docking techniques, close quarters maneuvering, basic and advanced navigation techniques.

  • We have you covered, with RYA Cruising Instructor qualification, which allows us to train up to the level of RYA Day Skipper, the most popular course on the planet.

  • We will bring you up to speed on all topics needed for a coastal passage, with some basic night time sailing.

  • We will work with you to become a competent sailor of your own boat.

  • Our fee's are set based on what you already know, and how much you would like to learn, commonly an hour rate is agreed on.  ,

  • Sail Training can be included in the delivery as well.

Simply contact us!

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