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Pre Yacht Delivery

We can organise every aspect of the delivery passage and there is no requirement for a formal handover from the owner or his representative. Or alternatively you are welcome to prepare your boat, we can forward you a PDF checklist to assist in readying your boat. Please consider if you are joining us, we sail as 24 hours a day only stopping for fuel and/or provisions throughout the delivery. (Exception is strong wind warnings)

On joining a vessel, the skipper and crew spend at least 48 to 24 hours checking all the boat’s equipment, systems and preparing the boat for passage, victualing, re fueling (if needed) even for short deliveries.

This includes a detailed checklist covering the function of systems, equipment, and fittings from pushpit to pulpit and below etc... Anything that is not working and might influence the delivery passage will be reported on, and rectified if practical, before departure. We ask that the engine/s be serviced and the rigging be inspected, the mast spreaders should be wrapped and taped to avoid alloy rub marks  or damage on the main sail that can occur when sailing downwind for extended periods. Please remember delays for repairs can be costly waiting several days or weeks for repairs to be carried out. Best to get these simple items done prior to TYD arriving. TYD offers an optional service for all vulnerable areas of woodwork and upholstery below decks be encased in protective bubble wrap to avoid any inadvertent damage while at sea in rough conditions. It’s a long and time-consuming process but very worthwhile to ensure that the joinery stays protected.  

During the Yacht Delivery

Once out on passage the skippers establishes and maintains a rate of progress towards the destination to complete the passage safe and efficient, this progress will be under sail, however if the wind dies then the engine will be used to ensure that the delivery is not slowed. TYD always sail with their own crew, the reason is they know each other’s capabilities `the delivery crew will routinely sail 24 hours a day with only brief stops as necessary for provisioning and fuel, or to avoid severe weather.

Weather delays are inherent part of deliveries, TYD handle these on day by day basses, communicating with you on the latest weather predictions.

We monitor the progress by traditional means of navigation, only using GPS for a backup. Monitoring of vital systems onboard is essential to a safe and damaged free delivery, we logbook all navigation and systems inspections performed.

Safety is always the priority and the skipper’s judgement at sea is never questioned. If the skipper decides that the conditions are too rough to proceed then the yacht will head for shelter. The level of experience and sailing expertise required for the TYD skipper and crew allows them to make good progress in conditions of wind and sea that would keep most leisure sailors firmly in their bunks on dry land. This is not to say that TYD skippers stress any part of the boat as our policy says; TYD policy and the Skipper's agreement is to sail conservatively and not over-stress sails, rigs, or engines.

Communications are maintained twice a day (whilst in range), a onboard tracker is carried to allow you to track your boat.


Post Yacht Delivery

On completion of all deliveries the Skipper and crew set about completing a detailed condition report on the vessel and its’ systems so that owners have a picture of their boat’s condition on arrival. We consult with you (Face to face or via internet chat) at our first reasonable opportunity to finalize the delivery paperwork and give an apprasil of how the delivery went and the boat handling. Washing the boat down and ensuring its ready for your next adventure.

We never forget how important your boat is to you.

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