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RYA Cruising Instructor for Competent crew and Day Skipper

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Delivery Management

Top Yacht Delivery provide skipper or crew for delivery of catamarans or Monohull's.
With many decades experience in monohull's and catamarans we have sound knowledge in both types.

You may be thinking Top Yacht Delivery is new on the block? The Top Yacht Delivery Director in fact has been in the Marine industry for more than 30 years, working in various sectors of the industry coupled with more than 40 year of sailing various types and lengths of boats.


Preparation for the delivery, can be a lengthy process, with our 30+ years in the marine industry Top Yacht Delivery can steer you in the right direction to prepare, or you can leave it up to us. Either way a well prepared boat is an ensuring way to have a safe, hassle free, minimised cost delivery!


Whether you'd just like to relax on the water with your friends and family whilst you have an experienced and qualified skipper at the helm or you’re heading up to your favorite cruising grounds and are little bit unfamiliar with the area (Whitsunday's Service)  maybe, you're wanting enjoy your holiday at a new destination, rest assured we can relocate your boat and prepare it for you to step aboard.


Top Yacht Delivery has sound knowledge of the Whitsunday area, knowledge of all the anchorages, services to prepare your vessel after we have delivered it, ready for you to step aboard! Top Yacht Delivery has several contacts for many services to prepare your boat, such as food delivery!


Have you always wanted to compete in the Airlie Race Week, Hamilton Race week or Magnetic Race Week?

We can deliver your boat with very seasoned race skipper, with full qualifications.


Top Yacht Delivery, offer crew service with you or a skipper for your boat with your crew, owner's on board during the delivery are most welcome.



The pricing structure is based on a per nautical mile rate plus expenses. This ensures the owner has a guaranteed rate for the skipper/crew we charge by the Nautical Mile

Delivery Rates are charged as follows:

This per nautical mileage rate includes a Skipper and crew. With an appropriate weather window, passages endeavour to make miles day and night. Running 24/7.

Time in Port rate: Includes time spent traveling, preparing and repairing as required. 

Please contact Mark for an estimate relative to your delivery needs.



Basic expenses to consider are fuel, gas, berthing, spares & replacement parts, repairs and transport for us to and from your boat!

Top Yacht Delivery can provide an estimate of these costs prior to departure.

Crew that sail with me

With the an extensive range of crew available, of whom have worked with me and have been on trips with me over the last 10 years coupled with an additional list of more prospective crew sourced, vetted and from boating back grounds. We don't believe in employing volunteer crew for deliveries as this can lead to crew deserting the boat, or not willing participate in watches and the overall reliance on keeping to directives given by skippers. We do charge a fee for our crew but we believe in paying the crew your boat is in much more reliant hands while the skipper is off watch, and will participate in see the delivery through.

Sailing with you!

Absolutely! sailing with owners and crew, I enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to make owners and their crew more comfortable and confident, in addition: why not get some free tuition from an RYA instructor on the passage.

Arrival at your Boat

Arriving at your boat a couple of days prior, allows us to become accustom to your boat, go through our pre-departure checks and preparation, the checks are part of the delivery fee quoted, although any repairs or added safety equipment parts or replacement parts and spares required are at your expense. The more you can do to prepare your boat and we are more than happy to advise and assist you in preparing your boat. the sooner we can depart to catch the given weather window.

Boat Preparations

Preparation is everything for your delivery to progress efficiently, hassle free and above all else safe delivery. With our 30 plus years of experience of being involved in keel boats and catamarans (plus sailing dinghies) of all types and sizes we understand what's involved in preparation. We offer a service to fully prep your vessel for the passage that lies ahead. Let us take the hassle of you and prepare your boat!

​​Weather routing
In the weeks leading up to your delivery TYD monitor different weather prediction models to determine the best suitable weather window and suitable route for your type of vessel.

Logging & Monitoring

Whilst out on passage we don't just sit around, we are logging our position both on a paper chart and in an official logbook,  monitoring the systems on board in particular the motor's and keep a log.



Top Yacht Delivery, monitor the weather continuous, pre-delivery departure and whilst out on passage and make decisions based on these forecast and our local knowledge. We advise you when we communicate of the weather we have currently and future predictions and our plan.

Experienced passage planning
With thousands of nautical miles, Yacht Master qualifications and over 30 years experience in yachts and catamarans completing deliveries and races. All aspects of passage planning are thoroughly researched and meticulously implemented. Under International Law we are obligated as Yacht Masters to have a passage plan. A draft copy is available for you to have an idea of the proposed route.

Our number one priority is the safety of the crew and vessel. This priority is at the forefront of all decisions made in the planning and execution of your yacht delivery. The safety equipment is paramount its our only way of survival if something should go wrong. Most importantly is ensuring safety items are registered, and functioning, these can delay our departure. We have in the past experienced such items as flares expired, expired old flares on board, is illegal) EPIRB not functioning (while still in date, simply test the unit monthly) EPIRB's not being registered.PLEASE ENSURE THESE AND OTHER ITEMS ARE FUNCTIONING AND IN DATE. As mentioned earlier we schedule our departure with an available weather window, every hour, day we are delayed the shorter the weather window.

Minimizing damage and Costs
Experience has shown that through planing, conservative sailing and engine use incidental damage and wear and tear can be kept to a minimum. Top Yacht Delivery enforces a strict policy on the sail area allowed to be carried (used), this is written in our agreement to ensure that there is no excessive pressure or wear on rigging, sails and boat, the same applies to the motor/s, these are to run at as low RPM as possible and sails are used in combination to assist in achieving this. Essentially Top Yacht Delivery act within the common known practices to prevent wear and tear and damage. Remember: Motors are our primary source of power replenishment to the batteries, ensuring the engine/s and batteries are in top condition is paramount.

Equipment checklists and thorough preparation
Knowledge of different types of vessels through deliveries and working in the marine industry over the years has contributed to the development of extensive knowledge and checklists and procedures for preparing your vessel for the voyage ahead ensuring minimal delays and additional costs.

Reasonable time frame
Your estimate will include a reasonable time frame from start to finish with due consideration to weather forecasts and conditions a timely delivery of your vessel. As safety is our priority time frames given are indicative only.

Recommendations & Tuition
On delivery receive feedback, tips and recommendations on suggested modifications/ repairs or how good your boat is and how to get the best out of your boat. We offer a tuition service for you if you have a new boat or simply would like some training on docking or general sailing. (Separate fee applies)


We communicate with you at an agreed time and when we have reception, most east coast passages are covered by reception. With your vessel in our hands, our Skipper ensure you are kept updated on decisions based on weather and logistics.

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