Trust on the water is generated by over 50,000nm of yacht and motor experience.



Our Delivery Process: 

  • Once our quote is accepted we begin to work closely with you to understand your expectations for the delivery.

  • We understand how precious your boat is to you and we want you to feel comfortable knowing it is reliably and constantly in safe hands.


  • At this point we will begin to discuss the finer details of the passage, suitable weather window what's been done for the departure and what we need to do prior to departure.


  • When the fifty percent deposit is paid travel arrangements will be secured. 


  • On arrival at the boat the vessel we take care of everything, communicating with you during the pre-departure process. A comprehensive inspected is included in the fee, we inspect all safety equipment, checking E.P.I.R.B's & MMSI's are registered and final preparations are made for departure. (Ensure the navigation instruments manual are onboard, especially if a radar is onboard. We are governed to use it.


  • After departure we endeavour to keep you updated of our progress possibly by use of our tracker and map. Or we set up scheduled times to make contact with you commonly 0600 and 1800 with text location updates throughout the day.


  • In her berth at final destination we clean the boat, ensuring everything is in order for you. Meeting up with you for a de-brief and to share any useful information we have learned about your boat during the delivery. We have been de-briefing via Zoom or Teams of recent.

  • Balance of delivery is then settled and the delivery process is complete.

      Learning the Ropes!

  • In addition, If you have recently purchased a new boat or maybe you are a first time owner and feel that you could use a hand getting to know your boat, practicing berthing or going out for a sail, this can be arranged either at the start or end of the delivery for a reduced rate.

       Busy, Busy, Busy!

  • If you are to busy, time shy or to exhausted whatever the case maybe?We can ready the boat for its delivery, we offer a comprehensive prep service, where by we arrive early and complete checks and organise all the necessary tasks water and fuel top off, gas filling to name a few tasks including any specialist services required (engine mechanics or rigger or electricians). And if you need a representative to deal with formalities etc on your behalf we can also handle these and on arrival we can stay a couple of days behind after the delivery to ensure everything is taken care of  in your absence.

These photo's taken at Blue Pearl Bay, north of Yeppoon. Whilst on a delivery of a Jeanneau 50, early fog cascading over the ridge.


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