preparing for a yacht delivery

Adding bubble wrapping protects brightwork!

We under take checks and repairs to ensure your yacht delivery goes off with out any hassle, but there are some items that need to be checked prior to the commencement.

Being meticulous about the preparation will prove that a delivery can keep on track without any lengthy mechanical breakdown related delays.

Performing a comprehensive checking of the vessel serves to ensure we have an understanding of your boat.

Below are some important areas we recommend to have checked and maintained, we created this list to avoid any lengthy delays by having to engaged specialist services prior to the delivery departure.

  • Anchor Winches: Have your anchor winch checked, and chain condition, a common we have found is weekend anchoring only uses a small amount keeping the rust at bay, but further along the chain that is out of sight is rusted so bad it has welded together, making a big job to replace. Have your anchor to chain connections checked all are secured, including the dead end is secured.

  • Mast and rigging: These need to be checked by a yacht rigger (and should be annually) for insurance will need it if something should fail causing the rig to fall. An incident averted with Beneteau 40 when a rig inspection found a crack in the forestay turn barrel, lucky find! The boat had 1500nm to complete. Please have doc's ready for proof of inspection. Don't forget the mast lights while the rigger is up there!

  • Rope and Running Rigging: Ropes wear out either by use or lack of and do need replacing at some point, halyards and other running rigging ropes are all needed to be in 100%. Eliminate using knots on any high load ropes, it will fail! Withdrawing these from the mast for a complete check over a necessary step for all yacht etc.. Motor Cruisers don't escape from rope checks, anchor bridles and their attachments need checking.

  • Sheet Winches: When was the last time you had a look under the drums (part where the rope goes around) of those sheet winches? Sheet winches are one of the most on delivery service repair tasks we under take, (servicing out on the water whilst sailing is not an easy feat!). If you simply lift the drums it can tell a lot about the condition. (Dry, metal scales, Damaged drive gears etc..)  We will lift all drums up and inspect if we find anything that gives us signs of trouble we investigate further, servicing them at the dock is easier than out on the water.

  • Sails: Are our number one means of power! Have these checked by a sail maker if you haven't had them off in long while. If they have been serviced  ensure there are protection patches at spreader points (talk to your sailmaker) and don't forget the reef point levels! Have a simple check of leech and luff will suffice every time you use them.

  • Batten connections are equally important as the sail, we have had them come adrift from the track due to lack of dry silicone spraying and once the ball bearing are worn in on spot pop off the car come and is extremely difficult to rectify. Keep them washed with fresh and dry silicone spray them regularly the more the better! (Have the rigger inspect the track up the mast t too! We had a recent Seawind 120 have an extremely loose Harken track (rattling noise when shook), lucky find a simple loctite (blue) and a good tighten up, all good for the 1250nm passage.

  • Liferafts: If a life raft is on board please have id serviced (as it should be) plus the hydrostatic unit in date. In some deliveries a life raft will be necessary we will advise if this is the case. Life rafts can be hired from several businesses rather than buying one.

  • Engine Checks: Keeping on top of inspecting engine/s after every use regularly servicing, will elevate having issues by resolving before it becomes a headache and major cost. Having a professional to look over and perform a major service before we arrive (Preferably), remember if you've got a sail boat we're delivering we will sail it, but the motor stills to be run to charge batteries. Motor Cruisers, motor cruisers on single screw needs to be serviced (with doc's showing), twin screw Motor Cruisers or Catamarans for that matter, even though we have both they need to be in good running order. Don't forget the spare and tools to perform any services. We do some basic servicing top off of liquids etc.. We monitor engine/s and genset's recording whilst on passage, recording temp with an infrared temp gun on gearboxes etc..


What we do:

  • Comprehensive Checks:  We include this check over as part of our delivery fee, As there are many items on board your boat that all play a vital role in the safe operation and the relocating process, that once we arrive at your boat we set about performing a through checklist of all items on board. This may sound over capitalising to some, but it's a necessary step to ensure everything is up for the passage (We in most cases go 24/7 stopping for fuel if needed) this is under taken by nearly every yacht delivery companies globally.  WE also get a through understanding of your boat systems and location of safety and other equipment spare and tools etc.. We set about completing any repairs needed to achieve a hassle free delivery!

  • Maintenance & Repairs: Once completed the checks we can take care of repairs that may affect the delivery. Performing basic repairs, any larger repairs will need the engagement of professionals.

   We do provide a comprehensive pre delivery check-over and service please see here for info


Chain condition found after running out 30+ meters, the working end was fine but this rusted ran for another 45mt, and half the diameter of original size, pulled chain out replaced (upgraded) and new gypsy)

We Wash your boat with the correct tools and wash solution to get you good results, avoiding cheapo brushes because you're damaging your surfaces!

New sail Drive installed by the mechanics, we prepped it and applied the antifouling! Whilst during the delivery.

A set of big bridles being constructed out of 48mm Hollow braid, we made these prior to heading to the boat, requested by the owner as the originals where damaged.


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