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Purchasing a new boat can be daunting! Whether it be brand new or a new secondhand!

Purchasing that new boat can be daunting, especially if you are new to the game of boats. We located this article a while back and thought it might assist in getting a few tips.

Firstly, it's important to have a look over a few boats talk to some knowledgeable boat owners to get an idea of what would suit you. Call it marina shopping if you like. This will help you determine what your boat needs are. Are you just the cruising type? Or do you want to race? Will be a live aboard? Or do you just want to go out on the water and have friends and family onboard for a weekend or day trips? Answering these simple questions first will set you off in the direction of purchasing a boat that you will use.

Don't fall in to the trap of bigger is better, simply isn't true! Think about docking and un-docking the boat a boat more than 40 foot can be handled quite well with two, whereas a 45 foot will be quite a challenge and 50+ is more than likely to sit in the pen when the breeze is in.

Another question to ask, is how many people am needing to go sailing, crew are a vital part of the decision process, there are plenty of boat in marinas that just simply sit because the boat is to big to handle.

What you want from a boat will determine what type of boat you buy. Looking online is a great place to start, but like any big ticket item you can't tell what a boat really looks like unless you see it with your own eyes. So, once you have decided on a particular boat then it's time to start getting serious.

Purchasing a boat is much like purchasing a car, always have a second or third look over, even get two independent surveys done, and compare. Spend some serious time (as much as the broker will have patience for and go over and over the boat. Friends are good to take a look over as well.

Have a scroll through the pictures on the link page , and see some scary things found just on few boats. It pays to be diligent!

The picture below is on a 10yr old Jeanneau 50, this is the deck to hull join see where the water has been ingressing into the cabin, worse still the water was leaking over the DC & AC panel! The staunchion bases where mild steel (yes from the factory).

Top Yacht Delivery set about cleaning the old chalky sika off, cleaning and re-sealing, made new staunchion basses this time in stainless.

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