Weather Models

The below website is just one of many used by Top Yacht Delivery to best determine a suitable weather window for the delivery of your boat.

This site for weather modeling is one of the best tools as it gives winds of 10mt above sea level, making it more accurate.

To change Ventusky units, simply head to setting and go to bottom right and select appropriate settings.

Some of our other weather models we use

Top Yacht Delivery utilizes a range of online weather modelling tools, this is because the weather patterns and conditions for the duration of the delivery passage depends on it, only second to the tidal information. Below is some of the other links you can utilize to see the weather during the delivery of your vessel.

Seabreeze is a local live wind predictor and a forecast tool, gives other weather information such as basic tides and Barometer pressure, wave heights & direction.


Our second choice and the one insurance companies (in Australia) will look at is the familiar Bureau of Meteorology, we use the marine ocean forecast areas for our delivery passage, this is broadcast on VHF radio if out of range. It give a three day forecast.


Windy is another weather predicting modeling online, this is similar to the Ventusky above. Windy, give sound forecasts but it displays weather particularly wind at 9 & 22km above the surface, there are two different models one is ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts and GFS Global Weather Forecast . However it is very good for other info. Remember it reads well above our play ground.


Others are Predict Wind, GRIB Files and many others these are subscription modelling. Good for surface navigation routing when placed over the chart-plotter, a lot of race boats use Predict ind for this reason.

Top Yacht Delivery provides the above in good faith, it takes no responsibility and can not be held liable for any user following the link and therefore making their decision to head to sea.

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