Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the below for some frequently asked questions.

Who is Top Yacht Delivery?

Top Yacht Delivery is your #1 choice for delivery of your boat, an Australian owned business based on the Sunshine Coast 15minutes away from the Suncoast airport and 10minutes away from the Mooloolaba marinas.

While only few years old, Top Yacht Delivery founder and director Mark Verdon has a lifetime of more than 40 years in all types and designs of boats, in addition a long 30+ year career in marine industry. 

Mark, started delivering boats at 18 years and still delivers boats to this day.

Your skipper is the director of Top Yacht Delivery. a fully qualified RYA/MCA Yacht Master, RYA Cruising Instructor, Dinghy Instructor, you can rest assured that your vessel is handled with experienced and in safe hands.

See more about your skipper here.

What makes an RYA yacht Master?

​It's always a pleasure to sail with a competent skipper. The crew are well informed, well fed, relaxed and know what is expected of them. Arriving in port is a pleasure rather than an anxiety. Problems are anticipated and solved well before they become serious.

The holder of a Yacht Master qualification can skipper a yacht, lead the crew and deal with both plain sailing and emergencies. Navigation, Pilotage, Weather, Collision avoidance and seamanship are all covered in. As well as knowledge an important part of the preparation is gaining sea miles and sailing in a variety of conditions in a variety of places by day and night.

Experience: 50 days 2,500 miles including five passages over 60 miles acting as skipper for two and including two overnight. Five days as skipper. At least half experience must be in tidal water.

What types of boat do you deliver power or sail yachts?

Any type and size of sailing craft, motor cruisers be it mono-hulls, catamarans, privately owned or brokers.

Race boat delivery we can certainly deliver it. Prep it and ready it for racing, even race as crew!

​Motor cruiser deliveries, we can be on as First-Mate and assist with your delivery in addition we have Master 5's available to perform the skipper role, if required.

Your master is well versed in handling any boat up to 24mt 250ton being a qualified Offshore Yacht Master RYA/MCA endorsed.


What areas do you deliver to?

Any destinations in Australian Waters, over the top or around the bottom, to/ from the apple aisle in the south to the main land and beyond!

Pacific. and other areas by request.

We do local deliveries within 200nm for a reduced rate to assist the owners that may need their vessel taken to and from slipyards such as the The Boat Works etc...

When is the best time for my delivery?

All vessel deliveries are very unique, all deliveries are dictated by the weather patterns throughout the year, anytime of the year your boat can be delivered, just bear in mind that certain times of the year it will take longer than others, we will give you sound advice for the time of year you wish to relocate, on timing, weather to expect, route and the duration, and other aspects of having the vessel prepped and ready for the passage from location to destination.

How are weather windows determined?

Weather conditions play an integral part of the delivery process, we monitor many different models including the Bureau of Meteorology, see our Weather Model page here for some of the models we utilize for making the delivery in as suitable of weather as possible.


How much does a vessel delivery cost?

Requested detailed vessel information from you helps to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible, no two deliveries are ever the same .

Having the vessel owner involved assists us in getting a clearer understanding of the vessels particulars, adding our experience we work on an estimate for you, we tend to lean towards a moderate to worst case time frame then finalize our invoice at the conclusion, as there are many variables within a delivery.

We have a form Vessel Detail Form here or simply contact us and we can discuss the details.

Does the boat need to have insurance and be registered?

Yes. absolutely! Talk to your insurers and they will advise.

Insurance companies and clients normally request our certificates for verification, no problem simply contact us.

We simply need to be included on the policy as skipper for the duration to relocate your vessel.

A copy should be forwarded to Top Yacht Delivery for confirmation, or onboard for our arrival. We will need a copy for the delivery.

Registration as we are all aware needs to be completed and valid for the current & new State or Territory the vessel will be residing in, ensure this is completed. The current registration needs to be valid, for interstate delivery.

Does Top Yacht Delivery make an agreement with the boat owner?

Yes, we do make an agreement outlining our terms and condition for each and every delivery, this way all parties are on the same page, furthermore it's a more professional approach, better for both parties.

As each vessel is different and each delivery is different, we adjust the agreement to suit these variable factors.

What condition should the vessel be in?

As well-maintained and as ready possible. Seaworthy, no leaks.

Major works completed sometime before heading to sea. A minimum of 4 week to allow for settlement.

The engines need to be in good running order, comprehensively serviced as they are under more demand on deliveries.

A comprehensive list of spare for engine/s and other, to facilitate any repairs Top Yacht Delivery can affect whilst at sea.

What safety equipment do you need on board?


All State/Territory safety equipment for interstate the vessel will passage through, if delivering intrastate the same applies, ensure safety equipment is registered and valid. First Aid, TYD recommend all vessel carry a substantial size first aid kit on board, offshore kits are available First Aid Australia.

Do I need a liferaft on board?

Yes, for the most part, Liferaft on board been serviced, hydrostatic release (if fitted) serviced, if your vessel hasn't got a Liferaft these can be hired from agents around the country.  We stipulate that all boats on delivery passages that travel through areas such as the Bass Strait, Australian Bight, Over the top (Arafura Seas areas) will require a liferaft, other areas are west coast (Port Hedland- north). East Coastal deliveries a top quality tender will suffice, secured in davits, we do not tow any tenders.

We can discuss the requirements for Liferaft V Tender for your particular delivery.

What spares are needed on board?

A good list of spares should be already onboard, in particular all engine/s spares and hoses, clamps etc...

Have a good holding of spares + tools stored on board, that will facilitate repairs prior to departure and whilst at sea.

We can provide you with a list of spare we have compile over the years of delivering.

What if the boat needs repairs during the trip?

We call these Hold Over Days. As professional mariners, we can do reasonable repairs whilst out on the water for normal maintenance items such as change fuel filter, water pump impellers, lights, winches, steering etc.. However, we are not certified mechanics/yacht riggers/electricians etc.. and will involve approved mechanics/riggers/electricians or other for any repair outside of our capabilities. For any major repairs we will call you and make arrangements on your behalf for the repair/s. Replacing fuel filter/s, impellers, belts, hoses at the service prior to the delivery will assist in limiting the need to have repairs done whilst out on delivery. The best repair is preventative maintenance.

How are weather delays handled?

Weather Hold Overs Day/s. We use good weather modelling and our experience for determining a suitable weather windows to proceed with your delivery, however if weather prevents us from proceeding ahead, we hold off heading to sea until we have a strong understanding of the system, we communicate with you and discuss the longevity of the delay, we stay with the boat, ensuring the security of the vessel. 

If we are at sea the master will head to a harbour or safe haven, communicate with you on the plan..

We place a 3 day limit on the weather delays in most cases weather systems tend become more predictable as time passes.

Our Master/crew are kept busy performing any smaller maintenance, care taking, security, and protecting the vessel.

Does Top Yacht Delivery provide a prep service my boat for the delivery?

Absolutely! No Problem. however, we do need a good understanding on the condition of the boat, so we can estimate how long it might take to prepare the vessel.

We commonly arrive a few days prior to do checks and get familiar with the vessel, performing any repairs as necessary.

We have detailed a form for you to fill in  Get A Quote or contact us.

​How does Top Yacht Delivery handle Fatigue?

Fatigue in any environment is dangerous, whether it be driving a car or driving a boat, knowing the signs and being aware of them is good policy but truly has know place whilst out on the water delivering or simply being in charge of a vessel making way or at anchor. Your delivery Skipper is a seasoned boating person for more than 35 years and has been trained from worldwide professionals at RYA chief instructor level on how to manage fatigue and set up several different types of watch systems.

The watch systems Top Yacht Delivery implements ensures your vessel is safe and at no risk of standing into danger by keeping fresh eyes!

How far do you travel per day?

Very difficult one to predict as all boats are different and weather conditions effect the daily runs.

There are many factors that effect the the amount of nautical miles that a vessel will accomplish in a day, weather conditions, currents and/or tidal flows, all play a part.

Most boats will do approximately 100 to 200 nautical mile per day. We calculate an estimate taking all these factors into account,

Allowing for the EAC and WAC on the east and west coastlines, these run up to 3knot south at times and can be hard to predict the affect on the distance at which we travel per day.

When and How do I pay Top Yacht Delivery?

We forward you an invoice for a deposit at the beginning to secure the delivery and we can lock our crew in, start arranging travel etc...

Once we are nearing the completion we send you a final invoice for the calculated days it has taken and any expenses we incurred along the way forward this to you for payment.

Information regarding payment is on our tax invoice we send you.

If you are sailing with us or at the vessels location other options are available either by "Square" Swipe device (Mobile Eftpos) or pay cash and receive 10% off instantly!

Other options are available, any questions simply Contact us here.

How do I keep in touch with the Master during the delivery?

Mobile phone surprisingly has reasonable coverage, although there are some areas not covered, we tend to sail close to the coast about 80% of the time. As the departure date approaches we communicate with you and set approx times that suit you for the skipper to contact you, the skipper will update you on the last period since last talking with you, on progress and the future predicted progress any issues that may have arisen, and weather conditions going forward. There are free boat tracking apps that are AIS VHF locators that cover most of the globe. We occasionally carry a tracker device and we will advise if this is available to log in to.

Can we come onboard and sail with you?

Yes absolutely! by all means Top Yacht Delivery welcome you and your crew onboard, after all its your boat!

In addition, it's a great way of gaining some experience from an instructor and learn about your boat too. Having the time to sit back and relax while we sail or cruise your boat to its destination. we can sometimes make it a bit of cruise stopping off here and there to enjoy our fabulous coast! All depends on out schedule of bookings. Express run can be done as well!

All that we ask is that you recognize that we are professional mariners and we were hired to safely deliver your yacht to it's destination. Furthermore, we may sail or motor cruiser in conditions that yourself and your crew may not have been in before, please consider.

We also ask all owners and their crew to please take part in standing watches.

Do you offer instruction?

Yes, the director (your Skipper) is a RYA cruising instructor certified to tutor up to Day Skipper level, which covers the essentials for any coastal cruising. We offer this as part of the delivery or you can request a day or two after the delivery, which is especially good if its your new boat, we can do overnights stops run you through the correct anchoring techniques etc.. (determined by our schedule) Simply ask us! @ $240p/day out side the delivery.

Where does Top Yacht Delivery find its crew?

At Top Yacht Delivery, we have a stringent system for vetting our crew, we have a set crew criteria which they must achieve and are contracted to TYD for every delivery, crew we call on are known by us, either through deliveries or through the marine industry, we never take crew on whom we do not know for the risk of being inexperienced (even though they say they are!) this poses a  an UN-safe environment a position we will never put your vessel nor ourselves in.

We have heard of situations where the non vetted crew have given up on the participation of the delivery, (in particular not standing watches) essentially using the delivery and your vessel to get from A to B this creates all sorts of safety issues, another reason why Top Yacht Delivery will only ever use crew that we are familiar with. The skipper is the director of TYD, we don't use sub-contractors at anytime meaning you will only deal with the head chief himself guaranteeing personalized services.

Additional questions? Simply email and I will get back to you right away. Alternatively, you may contact me on

0438 419 810 although I maybe out of range so please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as practical.



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