Do you deliver power or sail yachts?

Both. I hold a 200GT 24 Meter Yacht Master's qualification, with both international and domestic endorsements, for both power and sail.

My team delivers yachts for owners, brokers, dealers and manufacturers. 

We deliver Yachts, Catamarans, Motor cruisers.


​Who will be onboard for the yacht delivery?

I will be onboard, along with my selected crew. Depending upon the type and needs of each delivery, I choose my crew from a core group of very experienced individuals whom I have worked with in the past. Shorter coastal deliveries on smaller yachts may only require one other individual. Whilst bigger vessels may require 2 or three additional crew, some paid other volunteers, I discuss this with you.

My requirement for longer open water deliveries is to have enough experienced hands to be safe in all conditions. I occasionally have students on board that are working towards their formal qualifications.

I welcome an owner and/or his regular crew to be part of the delivery crew if they would like. It is often a terrific opportunity for the owner and/or his regular crew to work with my team of professionals.


What experience do you have?

More than 30 years of sailing dinghies and offshore yacht and motor yachts experience, in most popular cruising grounds.

Qualifications extend from dinghy instructor, RYA Cruising Instructor through to Royal Yachting association MCA yacht master offshore (200gt vessels to 24mt and 250 nautical mile offshore).

I have sailed in Australia for the best part of my life growing up in Brisbane's bay side sailing dinghies before heading in to the local yacht scene, after competing in ocean races here in Australia I headed over seas to compete in various regattas and deliveries.

Deliveries in the Mediterranean with my cousin on various size white yachts is where I I got the taste for deliveries.

Deliveries completed in Australia have been from and between, Darwin to Port Hacking, Cairns to Melbourne, Hobart to Gold Coast, Suncoast to Melbourne, Melbourne to Hobart and most have been return deliveries. Several deliveries have been completed between the inaugural regattas on the east coast, Hobart races, Sydney to Gold Coast, Pittwater to Coffs Harbour races plus many local deliveries to and from slipways such as The Boat Works on the Gold Coast...

Click on this link to see all my qualifications!

 My background includes sailing yachts and catamarans to 50' and motor yachts to 50'.

What's the process?

Our objective for a delivery engagement is to keep it simple and transparent, below is a basic process to give you an idea:

From your contact with us, (Either via phone, email, or inquiry form) we gather the details of your vessel's origin and destination and some broad details of the vessel itself. With this info we set about putting a quotation together and forwarding it to you.

Once our quote is accepted we begin to work cohesively with you to fine tune the expectations of the delivery details.

An agreement is signed by both parties to ensure both parties understand the details of the delivery.

We receive a deposit to secure all indicative dates travel arrangements. All transactions are provided such as tax invoices etc..

TYD send you a preparation list to go through and complete, it makes for an easy departure on the date, as we aim to catch weather windows any delays simply hold us up and miss the window, having to wait for the next and can be week or two away, so prepping your boat is important.

On arrival at the boat the vessel is inspected including all documents, safety equipment, motors, sails, anchoring systems etc and final preparations for sea are made. TYD do charge a fee after 4hrs (4hrs free are allowed to inspect and prep the vessel, if your vessel can be ready, we won't have to charge you.


After departure we endeavor to keep you updated of our progress as often as possible by use of media communications and our onboard tracker and map.

You are also able to send emails of under 160 characters to the tracker which we can respond to.


In her berth at final destination we clean the boat in/out then hope to meet with you for a de brief and to share any useful information we have learned about your boat during the delivery.


Balance of delivery any incurred costs are invoiced and then settled and the delivery process is complete.

Where will you deliver yachts to?


Mostly anywhere, with some logical exceptions.

Australian East and West coast specialist.

I have a very flexible schedule and am pleased to deliver your yacht to most ports.

Can you deliver my race boat?

Yes! I have many decades sailing aboard different race yachts.

Race boats per nautical mile rate tends to vary depending what service is required, as most are sailed by the regular crew, in many cases I have been on board as purely the Navigator keeping it safe, or been appointed skipper and taking care of the navigation, for this reason TYD apply different rates to suit, that are negotiable .

How are weather or mechanical delays handled?

Safety for the yacht and crew is always a priority. While Top Yacht Deliveries always prepares a thorough pre-delivery analysis of the weather, if conditions deteriorate, we will always err on the side of safety in delivering your yacht. Most owners prefer a slight delay in schedule as opposed to unwelcome boat yard bills.


The majority of the time, short delays fall within the scope of the fee charged and there is no additional charge.

If it is imperative to delay because of unsuitable conditions, we will discuss with you the options, in some cases the crew are returned and skipper stays on to monitor the conditions, and in some cases the skipper and crew leave the boat or will stay especially if the weather conditions are set to improve. A time limit applies.

Mechanical concerns are treated on a case by case basis. If the crew can effect a repair at sea, we will do so at no additional charge. If the repair requires parts or equipment not onboard, the vessel will head for the nearest port that provide the service, we will clear any necessary work with the owner prior to engaging a professional and/or parts. Quite often in this case the skipper stays on board to manage and ensure the works are completed, saving you having the travel to the vessel to manage the repairs yourself.

In all cases we will immediately communicate any concerns with the owner and any delays, weather or mechanical.


How much notice do you need?

I am available at short notice, within a couple of days to most ports accessible by air craft.

I have a very flexible schedule and am pleased to deliver your yacht to most ports.

How many days do you need to arrive at the vessel prior?

In cases where I am the full skipper and my crew are on board I like to arrive a couple of days on board prior to a departure to get familiar with the vessel. If owner assisted or supported a day before is sufficient.

In some cases I do a shake down sail with the crew especially if the first time and I am not familiar with their experience, this can be sail/motor out and back to the marina or a short hop to a first night anchorage, this will assists a new crew getting used to the system and in addition comfortable.

What needs to be done to make my yacht ready for the delivery? 

As much as possible to be ready for the passage. TYD will forward you a Prep List at the time of booking.

Your yacht should preferably have an up to date survey, or at least some underwater photo's and photo's of above water, ship's systems in working order, safety gear (a minimum of state's safety equipment required for all states the vessel will passage through) and navigation equipment up to date and onboard spares and equipment corresponding to the type of delivery required, bay, coastal, offshore.

The better the shape the vessel is in the closer to the departure date/time we can get going.

Complete systems check and safety, navigation and spare parts inventory are done prior to departure to ensure the yacht has the necessary and required equipment. 


How is the route planned?

I use the Australian Hydrographic paper charts for traditional navigation practices navigation, accompanied with a RYA logbook.

The essential route is one that is efficient and at the same time safe for the yacht and the crew. Time of year, weather systems, ocean currents and the preference of the owner are all taken into consideration. If the owner is joining the yacht for all/part of the delivery and has specific destinations in mind, the route is adjusted correspondingly. 

​Before we cast off for a delivery, I will always share the intended route with the owner. We also provide a tracking system on the yacht so the owner can follow the progress of the yacht throughout the delivery. 


Can the owner come along?


I encourage the owner to come along. It's a great way to get experience on board your new vessel.

Especially for a new yacht, it is a terrific opportunity to work together in understanding the ship's systems and vessel handling characteristics.

As mentioned previously, the route can also be planned so you and your crew can visit and explore the anchorages along the way.



Does the boat need to be insured and registered?


Yes. Owner's insurance on the vessel is required, with provisions for a qualified professional delivery skipper in place. Please check with your insurance carrier to ensure that this coverage is provided. A copy of the current insurance policy should be either emailed through to TYD or onboard prior to the delivery.

Yes! the vessel needs to be registered preferably in it's new home state or up to date in the current state of registration, please insure this is completed prior to booking with us.


What is the cost?

We attempt to keep the additional costs as low as practical and be as transparent as possible .We keep our word on the quoted price and will in all cases where services or equipment are required get in touch with you and get pre-authorization prior to engaging, this way you have no surprises.

The pricing structure is based on a per nautical mile rate plus owners expenses. We can forward you an estimate based on our knowledge of other deliveries for expected expenses. This ensures the owner has a guaranteed rate for the skipper and/or crew and expenses will not run over budget whilst waiting in port.

Weather delays and professional repairs delays are included in the nautical mile rate, whilst we wait in port for better weather or repairs to be completed, our time is spent on board to manage the repairs or if the weather delayed, analyzing weather model online, (internet usage) performing maintenance, washing the boat down and repairs, ensuring the next passage is planned and performing other works as needed, (We provide photo's as evidence on request) there is no extra charge all inclusive of the Nautical Mile rate.


JUST A NOTE: We are not sitting in the local having a drink whilst your vessel is in port awaiting for better weather conditions! Your vessel is our priority at all times. (Hence our mileage rate is a little higher than our competitors for this reason) Please consider.

Basic expenses include fuel, berthing and transport. We can provide an estimate of these costs prior to departure.


Remember, the nautical mile rate is for a fully qualified Yacht Master, not some back yard delivery skipper that may well drive your pride and joy on to a beach or even worse on to the rocks!

What is included in the costs?

Your Custom Proposal Includes: 

  • Complete ship's systems check prior to departure and on arrival at destination.

  • Full monitoring of engines and logged to prevent any problems from arising.

  • Route + passage plan and estimated time en route.

  • Tracking system to monitor progress during delivery (no additional charge via link) 

  • Cleaning, gear stowage and yacht preparedness for offshore conditions.

  • Any repair or maintenance that needs attention, whilst underway or in port.

  • Necessary charts, light lists, almanacs and pilot books not already onboard for delivery.

  • Provisioning costs for estimated passage time or shared between the skipper and crew.

  • Complete cleaning post-delivery - our goal is to leave your boat in the best possible condition

  • Complete passage and yacht report, including vessel and system conditions, any recommended gear changes and passage log book.

Note: Safety for the crew and vessel is always our number one priority. While TYD always prepares a thorough pre-delivery analysis of the weather, if conditions deteriorate, we always err on the side of safety in delivering your yacht. Deviation from the original plan may require additional days en route.


How are payments made?

Payments are made via direct deposit from the banking detail on the invoice.

Cash is always welcome, a 10% discount will be applied.

We will have in the near future an electronic PAYG system in place so you can pay your final invoice at the destination berth.




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