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Mark Verdon

AMSA Exemption 18 (Sail-master commercially endorsed)

RYA Yacht Master 24m 250gt MCA commercially endorsed

RYA Cruising Instructor for Competent crew and Day Skipper

AMC Radio Communications

Maritime Sea Survival ISAF & AS

Maritime First aid MCA


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Private Coaching

This service is very flexible and can be tailored to the individual requirements of each owner and crew.

Top Yacht Delivery are specialists in professional yacht management.

We tailor maintenance packages to each vessel's individual requirements allowing you to enjoy your precious time on the water without concern. We understand the need to protect your marine asset as you do your other investments - professional care for a professional result. We provide:

  • comprehensive, professional and personalised vessel care

  • a clean and safe vessel, ready to use

  • asset value protection

  • peace of mind

  • delivery of your vessel to your favored destination and returned hassle free

We are passionate about boating and have a wealth of real, practical and theoretical maritime experience. With highly motivated attention to detail in addition to having commercial international qualifications including instructors, 5-fleet yacht management knowledge experience in a variety of trades: yacht rigging, sail making, vessel detailing, organizing professional services for system servicing, yacht deliveries and the lists goes on...

Thousands of sea miles delivering luxury vessels and years of marine knowledge, ensures your vessel is in safe hands.

Our aim is for you to step on and off your boat with confidence knowing that all maintenance is up to date.

Enjoy your boat, leave the rest to us.

Top Yacht Delivery can splice and cut all types of ropes; we have 30+ years experience within the marine industry including the rope supply sector. We supply various end fittings, from Snap Shackles through to Grand Prix rope connectors.

Top Yacht Delivery can supply from the smallest basic line through to the Grand Prix style ropes. All spliced in-house by knowledgeable splicers, shipped anywhere. We have years of experience in rope so you can be confident of receiving the right advice & product to suit your needs.

Simply contact us with the details of what you require and we will be more than happy to advise and construct anything in rope.

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