A smoky morning in Yamba, on departure for Coffs Harbour, Grainger 40, 2018.

Pre - Delivery Check list

 The following is an exhaustive list of equipment, and believe it or not it's what you will find and more on many world cruisers and race boats. We have attached a downloadable copy with more explanations as to why its imperative to have this equipment on board. We at Top Yacht Deliveries can assist you with any questions you may have or if you are away from your vessel we offer a preparation service to help deliver your vessel safe and efficient, simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Out Of Water

  • We prefer that the vessel  does not have any major underwater works carried out prior to the delivery, we have had experiences where this has happen and not being informed of the works and have had to emergency lift the vessel.

  • A haul out for a bum clean is good to have completed and a check of all skin fitting soundness is highly recommended just prior to the departure. Remember we can organise this when we are the boat.


  • All sound and free of excessive growth, a clean bum makes for a smooth and a more fuel efficient delivery.


  • All growth cleaned off, engage a local diver or slip your vessel a few days prior, (we have organised this prior to departure.


  • Recently serviced and working well, nil leaks

  • No heavy smoke coming from engines ( if heavy smoking present have diagnosed prior to our arrival)

  • Cooling water consistently.

  • Diesel tanks topped up + additive for black gunk prevention

  • Spare Jerry cans of diesel stored  in upright position, on deck preferably or in a lazzarette locker

  • Spare Engine Oil + filters for all engines

  • Spare Alternator Belt(s) for all engines

  • Spare Water Pump Belt(s) for all engines

  • Spare Impeller Kit(s) for all engines

  • Spare hose clamps various sizes to suit all hoses, plus others for general plumbing. We have had a $2.50 hose clamp be the cause of over $1500 damage to a boat, replace any suspect ones. (small amount of rusting)

  • Spare hoses sizes for all hose replacements

  • Spare filters, any water filters (strainers, remove the cylinder type replace with a proper raw water sea strainer)

  Fresh water

  • Tanks topped up with clean drinking water, if stale water is present in tanks please wash out with conditioner from Whitoworths there's a Starbrite product that can be consumed.

  • 20ltr Spare Jerry cans (emergency)


  • Stove working and Gas full

  • Pots and deep pan with lid

  • Fiddles to stop pots sliding at sea

  • Can opener, lighter, utensils

  Skin Fittings

  • Skins clear of barnacles, either an out of water job or have a diver do them.

  • Sea cocks operational, you should turn them periodically  to keep them clean, spray with Lonotec or similar.

  • Timber Bungs tied at all out-in lets

  Bilge pumps

  • Electric, working

  • Float switches operational

  • Bilge alarms working

  • Manual working, please test with 20 litre of water in bilge, as the pump will seem like its working with air  and not lift water.


  •  Batteries are Charging and sufficient capacity, Load testing is a good way to fully test.

  •  On board charging working, alternators charging around 13+ volts?

  •  Solar, ensure regulator is in working order, we have had cases where the regulator faulted and began overcharging.

  •  Alternator(s) Checked by mechanic or electrician

  •  Generator, not crucial to have working but check inlets are able to be closed

  • Spare batteries and fuses and accessories on board

  Auto pilot

  • Must work well in all weather

  • Spare parts / belts (if needed)

  • Operation and trouble shooting manual


  • Depth Sounder + Speed log calibrated

  • Nav lights (On Hulls or Tri colour, steaming, mast head (Anchor) Remember spare nav-lights even if LED

  • VHF + emergency aerial on yachts and catamarans

  • AIS (No crucial, but a cheap safety guard)

  • Plotter + charts on card updated (Not Crucial)

  • Wind Instruments (Not crucial)

  Safety Gear

  • In date and complying to the states and territories of Australia

  • PDFs, we provide our own if you have  yourself or/and your crew ensure you have yours and a harness connection

  • EPIRB, ensure in date and registered with authorities, we bring our own PLB's

  • Flare pack, standard is ok, but para reds' are good for offshore, and white "Anti Collision" flares are a bonus!

  • Life raft, we only need one of these for the waters south of Sydney around to perth and over the top of Aus or

  • RIB a solid floor type will suffice for all other areas with exception of ocean crossings (with oars and pump)

  • Fire Extinguishers, in date and large, silly 1kg little ones are useless to fight a fire!

  • Fire Blanket, mounted not thrown in the gally cupboard, we find so many of these just thrown in the galley!

  • Bucket with Lanyard (x2) Stout with 2+ meter lanyard.

  • Life ring or horse shoe M.O.B equipment onboard please

  • Floating Strobe light attached

  • LED Dolphin torch (X2)

  • Spare Water + barley packs for open ocean crossing's contact the liferaft servicing people and score some free!

  • First Aid Kit, a comprehensive kit to suit the passage, coastal kits are available off the shelf.


  • Check standing and running rigging is all in decent condition, have inspected by a reputable yacht rigger and remember this is our primary driving source, sailboats will be sailed (as we are sailors)


  • In reasonable to good condition minimum, check them over, inspect the leech and the batten pockets

  • Batten cars and attachments, look at the connections, and security of the pins etc...


  • Fenders, sufficient size and line length

  • Mooring lines, in good condition and spares on board for doubling up if in a blow at a marina

  • Boat hook, not crucial but good for retrieving the H.O.B (hat over board)

  • pare tie ropes, these should be long enough to rig a preventer ( 2 x LOA) and random lengths for general


  • Appropriate size, please have had cases where the anchor was way under size and never been used!

  • Chain – non rusted please, this to we have come across chain so rusted that it had welded together!

  • Warp 50m minimum + Min twice length of boat this may sound a lot but if a summer storm blows through we'll be gard (and yourself too) that we held our position!

  • Spare Anchor, chain and rope Definitely needs to be on board, have used a sapre as a back up for the primary!

  • Tools, as per follows, preferably not rusted and un-useable:

  • Shifters

  • Spanners

  • Sockets

  • Alan keys

  • WD 40

  • Duct Tape

  • Zip ties

  • Silicone and corking gun

  • Gasket Silicon

  • Teflon Tape

  • Multi-meter

  • Spare wire and crimps

  • Hacksaw

  • Vice grips

  • Multi grips

  • Plyers (stub and long nose)

  • Sail thread, needles and palm

Ok Insurance!

Please make sure the vessel is covered by an appropriate insurance policy. The delivery skipper should be added on the policy under “the insured” This means that the boat, the owner and the skipper are all covered. This should just take a phone call or email. No extra cost.

Most insurers require a minimum of two competent adults aboard for over night passages.

If the owner is on board, and you have hired a skipper or someone to crew for you, it is best that the owner takes ultimate responsibility in the case of an incident. That way the insurer is not tempted to claim gross negligence against the Skippers or Crew.

The International arrival

(if applicable)

  • Valid Ship Registration papers, Proof of ownership, ID of the rego holder

  • Notice of intended port of entry

  • Plan for temporary stay, importation or returning vessel

  • Port departed from in Australia if applicable.

  • Note that the vessel must be free from bio hazards, fire arms and drugs.

  • Dept. of Agriculture fees and other fees maybe applicable and will need to be paid by the owner.


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