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Popular Routes

Cairns to Sydney

Approx: 1250nm

Mooloolaba to Melbourne

Approx: 1050nm

Airlie Beach to Sydney

Approx 960nm

Gladstone to Brisbane


Gold Coat to Sydney

Approx: 380nm

Things to Consider

( A bit of a read but worth it!)

At Top Yacht we base our pricing on per nautical mile rate, not time we feel charging on time frame tends to push the skipper in to thinking he's got to make it before this time and this leads to fatigue and then accidents happen and breakages, excess wear and tear.. you get the idea!


If its a sail boat we sail it, and motor it as little as necessary, (some say they motor something like 40% of the time what the?) although that doesn't mean to say we drift along at 1knt when the motor will push us at 4-5knots, that said the engine/s are under more demand than a little weekend sail around the bay, even if we have breeze to sail in we need to keep battery power supplied to the instruments and some lights (nav-lights in particular). Ensure the motor/s are fully serviced and the alternators are in good condition and charging, if solar penal are available have the regulator checked too. We had a recent delivery where the alternator regulator failed and started pumping in some serious voltage way to much for the batteries to take in consequently had to shut an engine down (the faulty one, lucky was a catamanran, nonetheless a scary thing to happen at 0200hrs) Motor cruiser definitely have the engines fully serviced, its a bit hard to paddle a 40 foot cruiser!

Checking the primary power horse rigging and sails etc.. these we will use. Have a rigger to check the rigging, and that the insurance company is happy with the age of the standing rigging. (A recent delivery we had the rigger find a minute crack in the forestay turnbuckle and the boat had hardly sailed  scary!)

Sails, well these are easy to check, look at the leech and luff for any tears or broken stitching(you need to look really hard to see damaged stitching) and batten cars (if you have them) spray them with dry silicone.


We don't hit you for extras such as it took longer so consequently you owe us more, we stick to the fee we agree on. If there are any extra's (spares or repairs) we get the ok from you first, or alternatively we have you deal direct with whomever and sort it.


Our pricing is our flat rate, and by the way we're prepared to match or better any of our competition, Our pricing doesn't include transport to the departure location and from the boat whether it be at the final destination or anywhere in between, all running coats are owners responsibility, fuels, marinas, custom fees, any and all fees as if you where delivering the boat yourself. We don't tend to give estimates on the running expenses, as there are and can be to many variables to consider, but we can with our sound experience give you and idea once we are close to the departure date, based on the weather forecast and speed of the boat from A-B.


On rare occasions we have had the owner provide a card number for all upfront payments if necessary we of course are responsible and contact the owner prior to any charges being made.


Small repairs shouldn't occur if the boat is prepped well before departure, if something small should arise we will apply our knowledge to best of our ability to remedy it whilst at sea, it must be stressed that some repairs will need professional services engaged.


Repairs that need professional services engaged, we manage this for you and see that the services are completed we do charge an hourly rate for this and send you an invoice for only the hours that we are engaged to manage, not a daily rate fee that some charge when they only do 1/2 day or less.


We stick the delivery out, this where we are different. Other's will simply walk away if the repairs not completed in 2 days (would be so lucky to have a repair specialist available so soon) and then they even tear the contract up, consequently leaving you with re-negotiating a deal or having find another skipper and crew.

We're here to help you out, not rip you off!


In regards to the overall seaworthiness, all we ask is that the boat be sound no water ingressing anywhere, a recent survey particularly under water, all safety equipment is 100% ready for all states and offshore passage making the boat will go through, a sound hard bottom dinghy is ok for deliveries north of Sydney, a liferaft is required for the southern water and over the top of Australia. We don't want to see the inside of the liferaft, that's why its imperative that your boat be seaworthy and capable of the passage.

We can offer the service of prepping the boat to the standards, especially if it been sail in coastal inshore waters, we charge an hourly rate for all prep works.


Ok, the biggy! Insurance, it needs to cover the skipper in charge (if he's the one, if you are on board no problem, as you have the responsibility of the boat and we just apply our professional approach and knowledge to keep it safe!) for the duration of the passage and is organized by your insurance company, most commonly a policy letter including the skipper is issued. This is good to have done before we arrive at the vessel's location, we don't like going to sea not knowing we're covered!

It's unfortunate that qualified  delivery skippers in Australia can not obtain insurance cover, unlike our other international qualified skippers, due to AMSA not recognizing qualifications.


Arrival at your boat we look at 3-2days and more if overseas and if we need to prep her for the passage. Initially we need to get accustom to her surroundings and sus every little knook and cranny out and be satisfied that it's good to go. If we don't like what we find we will contact you and discuss a plan of action to achieve the level required for the passage. We always strive to help you out to bring her up to standard. In extreme cases we have in the past left the boat but kept in contact to find out when it would be ready.


The skipper that sails your boats or relocates it is the director of Top Yacht Delivery, not a paid wanna be skipper, our crew we refrain from using volunteer crew such as backpacker types because we believe in ensuring team work that leads to a much safer and efficient delivery of your boat. Hence our rate is a little bit higher than others, but a small price to pay to have your boat safe and looked after eh!


Oh yeah! We are an Australian based business with International and Australian Qualifications and more than 30,000nm miles doing deliveries. Covered most of it here in Australian water, if we don't know the coast of this great land who does!